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Blutorus Happy Babe Ruth Day! Apr 27 2016, 7:59 PM

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Baseball fans will be happy to honor one of baseball's greatest players: Babe Ruth. I'm not a huge baseball fan myself, so I'll leave all the facts and knowledge up to the baseball geeks out there.

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VinnyVideo I still prefer right cornerback Apr 19 2016, 12:04 AM

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It's not (American) football season, and I doubt anyone will understand the reference. But that's OK.

In other news, today I learned that the word "ophiuroidea" is difficult to pronounce.

Last, but certainly not least, I heartily endorse E-Man's PM work. Someone should make a game with his nifty stuff!

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VinnyVideo Non-Foolish Update Apr 3 2016, 7:01 PM

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No Lucina, Little Mac, Rick Astley, or shotguns in this update. No Amanda Bynes, either.

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Thumbnail Super Mario Flashback - DEMO 2
[Platform] By Mors
Super Mario Flashback is a fan game that works to combine the mechanics of 2D and 3D Super Mario titles. ...
Thumbnail Mario Bros. Classic (Remake)
[Minigame] By TheHappyFaceKing
A Remake of the GBA Mario Bros. Classic to simulate if the game had an endless Level Mode.

Thumbnail Super Mario Boom
[Minigame] By Supernova
Play as toilet Mario and destroy Dr. Eggman's furby army!

(This is NOT an April Fool's ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
SMB3 Style Checkpoints By Hello
SMB3 Extended Pipes Tileset By Jaden1291
SMB1-Styled Kuribon/Galoomba By Nuggeting
Wario Land 4 Ending Backgrounds By CM30
SMB1 8-Bit Snailicorn By Squishy Rex
SMB3 Styled SM3DL Tanooki Power-Ups By Quine

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Mr. Yoshbert Happy Mario Day! Mar 11 2016, 1:32 AM

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Because it's March 10th, you see. And considering what the "M" in "MFGG" stands for, I thought it'd be fitting to give you an update on this day.

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Mr. Yoshbert Happy March, everyone! Mar 2 2016, 12:29 PM

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March has arrived, and it felt so quick, too. Time really flies, huh.

And here's another weird holiday for you: March 2nd marks the happening of Old Stuff Day. And of course there's no better way to celebrate old stuff than by showing you new stuff!

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Mr. Yoshbert Corn and Flour Update Feb 24 2016, 11:32 PM

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Fun fact: On this day, the 24th of February, some people in the United States and Canade celebrate a novelty holiday named National Tortilla Day.

To commemorate this occasion, have a new update. And grab a bag of these or something.

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In case it wasn't obvious, I've run out of things to say here.
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