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Zero Kirby Hey. You. Lookin' at the screen. Jun 7 2016, 11:42 PM

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Lemme ask you a question. Do you like awesome things that are awesome? Then you gotta check out this website, dude. It's freakin' cool, and crazy addictive, like, reading TV Tropes addictive! Check this out.

See this is your Main Page. You got your content panel, updates, forums, search function, affiliates, there's probably a section that makes you breakfast, I dunno!

(Great id- wait, what?)

Point is, you're playing fangames like some kind of Mario fan, and I love it. Oh, and look at this - there's all these resources you can use, and you can create games with the resources to share with the world! And I know you like that sprites in games action.

But I saved the best for last - fangames. You click on a game submission, and you can download the file, stuff that's super-fun, or really creative, and make Super Mario Maker cry like an anime shipper when their OTP fails.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Mario Editor
[Platform] By Hello
With Mario Editor, it's easy to play, create, and share your very own custom Mario levels! Utilize ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
Super Mario Land - Shy Guys and Snifits By KirbyLover2048
Grass Tileset By supertailss
Mario Kart DS E3 2004 Full Rip By Ambiance 69
2ST - B. Coz By SmithyGCN
Super Mario Bros. Mini Enemies By Mario3785
2ST - Angry Sun, The By SmithyGCN
2ST - Autobomb By SmithyGCN
2ST - Bowser's Keep By SmithyGCN
Larry Koopa Undertale Battle Style By Larry Koopa Is Awesome
Alternate Mario Poses By AwesomeZack
Super Mario Land Reshaded & Recolored Mario By KirbyLover2048
SMB1 Expanded Bullet Bill Tileset By KirbyLover2048
Damarioman's New Playable Tanooki Guy By DamariomanII
Squawks (Donkey Kong: United) By neweegee
Nabbit - Super Mario Kart Style By Pipsqueak737
SMM Styled SMB3 Beach Tileset By EpicLuigi
Items(V2) By supertailss, supertailss
SMB Toad and Peach Powerups By AwesomeZack
SMW & SMAS SMB3 SM3DW Mario character icon By SuperMarioOfficial
Peach's Castle ( Tech Demo ) - Entrance Textures By Simpson55
Peach's Castle ( Tech Demo ) - Cinema Theater Textures By Simpson55
Peach's Castle ( Tech Demo ) - Cave Textures By Simpson55
Peach's Castle ( Tech Demo ) - Hangar Textures By Simpson55
Peach's Castle ( Tech Demo ) - How Many Coins ? Textures By Simpson55
Peach's Castle ( Tech Demo ) - Metal Mario Textures By Simpson55
Peach's Castle ( Tech Demo ) - Spiral Staircase Textures By Simpson55
Damarioman's New Playable Hammer & Bomb Guy By DamariomanII

So what'd'ya think? You ready to browse?

(I'm ready.)


Mario Fan Games Galaxy.
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Blutorus Happy Babe Ruth Day! Apr 27 2016, 7:59 PM

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Baseball fans will be happy to honor one of baseball's greatest players: Babe Ruth. I'm not a huge baseball fan myself, so I'll leave all the facts and knowledge up to the baseball geeks out there.

Recent Additions

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VinnyVideo I still prefer right cornerback Apr 19 2016, 12:04 AM

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It's not (American) football season, and I doubt anyone will understand the reference. But that's OK.

In other news, today I learned that the word "ophiuroidea" is difficult to pronounce.

Last, but certainly not least, I heartily endorse E-Man's PM work. Someone should make a game with his nifty stuff!

Recent Additions

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VinnyVideo Non-Foolish Update Apr 3 2016, 7:01 PM

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No Lucina, Little Mac, Rick Astley, or shotguns in this update. No Amanda Bynes, either.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Flashback - DEMO 2
[Platform] By Mors
Super Mario Flashback is a fan game that works to combine the mechanics of 2D and 3D Super Mario titles. ...
Thumbnail Mario Bros. Classic (Remake)
[Minigame] By TheHappyFaceKing
A Remake of the GBA Mario Bros. Classic to simulate if the game had an endless Level Mode.

Thumbnail Super Mario Boom
[Minigame] By Supernova
Play as toilet Mario and destroy Dr. Eggman's furby army!

(This is NOT an April Fool's ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
SMB3 Style Checkpoints By Hello
SMB3 Extended Pipes Tileset By Jaden1291
SMB1-Styled Kuribon/Galoomba By Nuggeting
Wario Land 4 Ending Backgrounds By CM30
SMB1 8-Bit Snailicorn By Squishy Rex
SMB3 Styled SM3DL Tanooki Power-Ups By Quine

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